You slowly finish your climb up the mountain. You have heard of a kingdom that resides deep in the mountain that lived side by side with dragons. You just had to see it for yourself. You gasped in awe as you gazed into the valley below you. A beautiful river flowed in the middle of the valley and on either side was a town. Off in the corner a grand castle stood. Dotted everywhere, on the ground, in the sky, or in the water, were dragons. You were about to make your trek down when a dragon flew upwards in front of you, knocking you backwards. The dragon landed beside you and sitting on it was a lady. She smiled at you, holding the reigns to her dragon. "Welcome to kingdom of Etholian." She said.


   I added kingdom information, more will be added such as birthdays, folklore, gender roles, weather, flora and flora, etc.

   The queen has been made, but she is up for adoption. If you are interesting in her, comment in the adoptions box.

   We still need a king and another prince or princess. Also we need someone to roleplay the queen.

   We have no plot as of now but if you have any ideas add it to the plot forum.