Out Of Roleplay:
  1. Treat everyone how you would want to be treated.
  2. If I find out that you are mistreating someone out of roleplay, I shall give you a warning. Do it again and I will ban you temporarily ban you. The next time is a permanent ban.
  3. Admins word is law.
  4. Please try to use proper grammar and punctuation.
  5. Don't share your personal information on this site.
  6. As of now, there is no character limit.
  7. Do not add forums unless you have Isio's permission unless you are adding your character's house in the correct place.

In roleplay:

  1. Do not godmod. Every character has their limits. They have to get hurt every now and again.
  2. Do not double post. If a character is in one place and you want to roleplay them in another, have them leave the first place before you post in the new area.
  3. Keep roleplaying in third person please.
  4. Swearing is aloud but keep it to a minimum.
  5. Keep the interactions between characters to a minimum too. It must stay PG-13 please.


Kingdom Ranks

Queen and King

Prince(s) and Princess(es)

Lady(ies) and Lord(s)

Head Knight

Royal Knights



Maid(s) and Servant(s)




Tribal Ranks


Second in Command

Shaman and Shamaness

Head Warrior



Mothers/Mothers To Be



Pets can be anything, of any size, and can have a maximum of two.


Humans: The humans are normal people. They have no magical abilities or animal ears like the other races. The humans are the most intelligent out of the three. The elves and animilas have normal IQ that people should have, but the humans in Etholian have a very high intelligence. They can be given anything and are able to create something working.
Elves: The elves look almost like humans, except they have pointed ears. The elves are usually the ones to be doctors, as they can heal. The elves are also the best fighters out of the three races.
Animilias: The animilias are the one race that have  biggest distinction of all. They have ears, tails, or wings of a certain animal. They seem to get picked on a lot by the other two races. They also get the abilities of that animal, depending on what it is. Like, cats can see in the dark so if you have a cat animilia he or she can see in the dark. Animilias are also able to communicate  with animals of their own. So, cat animilias can talk to cats. I an animal is a hybrid of say a cat and a fish, then neither a cat animilia or a fish animilia can talk to it, as it is two animals and has a different sound then  a cat or a fish.

Dragon Types

These aren't all the way done. This is also just a mold of each dragon, you can make your characters dragon look/act like whatever you want.

Fire Dragon - Wild fire dragons are usually around the volcano not far from the village. The fire dragons are very territorial out of them all, finding a home and guarding it for the rest of their lives.

Earth Dragon - Wild earth dragons are very friendly and anyone can get close to them, though they do not allow anyone to ride them unless it is someone they choose to stay with forever.

Night Dragon - Night dragons only come out during the night. They are usually black with star like designs on them that glow in the dark. They are rather shy when it comes to people.

Plant Dragon - These dragons look like berries, flowers, animals, etc. Like Night dragons they are rather shy but very curious dragons.

Water Dragon - Water dragons have either sleek bodies or walk on four legs, like an alligator. They are highly graceful in the water and at one point someone made a water show full of sleek bodied water dragons.

Air Dragon - Air dragons are mostly feathery or hard to see as their skin is transparent but it isn't abnormal to see a scaly air dragon. They are usually reckless and stubborn dragons.

Ice Dragon - Ice dragons are usually white or a lightly blue and are cold to the touch. They don't really like getting close to people and stay far away from them, deep inside the caves where it is coldest.

Crystal Dragon - Crystal dragons are very beautiful, and hide away in crystal caves. When they are out in the sunlight, it is a very beautiful sight to see with the sun shining on the crystals on their body.

Dead Dragons - These dragons are ones who died and then came back to life. Some still have their scales with some sort of glowing, shadowy soul in their chest or are just skeletons with the glowing, shadowy soul in their chest.

Metal Dragons - Metal dragons are almost like the crystal dragons, except they are things like gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. They are very noble dragons and don't exactly like humans coming near them unless the human bows and they bow back.


The queen, king, princes and princesses all are related. The queen and king also rules over all three races, but they do not rule over the tribe.